Friday, September 28, 2007

Sweet Baby Portrait Event - Tomball

All done shooting, take a look at some of these cuties!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hope Calendar Gift Certificate Sale! Tuesday only!

Gone - sorry!

Keep an eye out for great deals posted here - they usually go quickly!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hope Calendar... proofing peeks

Starting to proof the sessions for the Hope Calendar for charity.
These are not necessarily the images that will be used for the calendar, but they are caught my eye and I thought you'd enjoy... AND for parents this is their first sneak peek at the results - you'll just have to guess which are yours!
(I am purposely not giving too much away regarding the sessions... )

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hope Calendar now underway - exciting!

We have selected the participants for the 2008 Hope Calendar and it is now in production. This is very exciting and we can't wait to share the news that it has been released. We have some adorable (but simple) ideas for the black and white childhood images that I think will make one beautiful calendar! I can't wait to see them and I hope you are anxiously waiting too! Your calendar purchase not only beautifies your walls, puts a smile on your face daily, but it also contributes to a wonderful institution for children - Texas Children's Hospital.

Please consider sponsoring the calendar to make it a smashing success! Email me for details

Keep up at with the latest:

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Highlights Children's Magazine

This is a wonderful magazine especially if your child is of reading age. But this morning I was completely and happily surprised that the magazine is run in a very mom-friendly manner.

My daughter had submitted a drawing to their showcase of readers images in hopes of find her picture published (which of course she was sure would happen). After she mailed this piece of precious artwork, she began to check the mail every day to see if her magazine had arrived with her picture. Knowing that thousands of kids were doing the same thing - and knowing they only publish about 5 per issue, the odds are not good that she will find her picture in print. AND the magazine only comes out once a month, so the wait is long...

She begged me to check up on it because being just a mom, I don't know the real story and I should ask someone who does... so being just a mom, I email the magazine to inquire just how long it takes AND if we will be notified because heaven forbid we actually miss the issue...

It took a few weeks but I got a personal (and long) email from the editor! She explained the process fully (so that I could explain it to the little one) and informed me that she would get a letter of thanks just for submitting. We had not gotten this letter and she even took time out of her day to go and check on the address they had sent it to (among the thousands of kids mind you). Sure enough the address is not correct and they are sending out another letter.

I have never in my life gotten such customer service. How easy it is to "lose" or delete such ridiculous emails. Imagine that from a large, national company... sometimes it feels good just to share such a great story!

Eat her up! (I could...)

Mommy and daddy are showcased below as an expecting couple and I got to meet the "baby in the belly" this week! She is beautiful and squishy and completely patient with all our tactics to document her arrival...

This is EXACTLY how I feel when I "watch" football :) (sorry...)
Hope you like, Daddy!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Best Friends

I love photographing newborns! I am in love with black and white and each newborn session renews that passion - it reinforces such an angelic, artful, magical quality to a subject that is angelic and artful and magical all on its own!
This time... boy and girl twins!