Sunday, February 18, 2007

Maternity Photography

Life's Images offers black and white maternity portraits.

Maternity sessions offer a chance to begin documenting your baby's life with the memories of when you first fell in love with him or her! Pregnancy is such a special time of life for a woman... for a family... and it passes so quickly!

We will take the opportunity to capture this time in a beautiful way and celebrate the life within. Pregnancy sessions have many options from the more private memoirs to the full celebration of those beautiful curves!

The newborn session is gifted for maternity sessions with a minimum order.

Newborn Photography

Life's Images specializes in newborn art images.

Photographing newborns is perhaps the most challenging and most rewarding portrait work.
The miracle of new life never escapes me as I watch these little bundles of joy!
They are already works of art!

Your newborn photo session should be scheduled in the first few days of life - we can even schedule before your infant is born! Under 2 weeks old is the ideal time to capture the new, wrinkly, beautifully bundled and folded baby.

Sessions between 2 - 6 weeks are still considered newborn sessions and are just as precious. Your session will showcase more alertness, more fullness in the curves of a baby. They may or may not sleep or cooperate in folded positions.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Great local service for moms: Morningside Nannies

Many parents (including yours truly) need someone else to help take care of their children at times...when they go to work, plan an evening out, or cannot use their regular provider because of closure or illness. In fact, just last week, I stayed home 4 days because my girls took turns running a fever - nothing else, just "mommy can we do this and that and this" kind of fever. It can be difficult to find someone that you trust with your angels.

A great guide for making your decision - Morningside Nannies, a placement agency for nannies. They offer live-in or live-out nannies to fit your needs, already screened and interviewed. I was surprised that they also provide temporary services - baby nurses for newborns (who couldn't use a little help then!), care for ill children who cannot attend school on the same day that you absolutely cannot miss work, group care for events, and baby sitting for that night out on the town.

Of course a placement agency should have credentials too, right? Pat Cascio, owner, has been placing nannies for 23 years and is the president of the International Nanny Association. But you should check them out yourself!

***If you know of any other great resources for moms in Houston/The Woodlands, email me and I will do a little research! ***